Coming to You in Spring 2017 at The Policy Lab

January 11, 2017

The Policy Lab is pleased to announce a tentative calendar of events for spring 2017.  More information will be released as the events approach. All events will take place at The Policy Lab (77 Prospect St.) unless otherwise noted.

January 23, 5:00pm

The Policy Lab Launch

January 27, 1:30pm

Stories from the TrailInside Reflections on the Epic 2016 Election. A conversation with Clinton campaign speechwriter, Dan Schwerin

February 13, 12:00pm

A special event with Paul Soglin, Mayor of Madison, WI. Cosponsored with ISPS Health

March 1, 3:00pm

The Policy Lab Common Read: A discussion with Carla Shedd, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Columbia University, on her new book Unequal CityRaceSchoolsand Perceptions of Injustice

March 9, 2:00pm

A conversation with political scientists, Brian F. Harrison and Melissa R. Michelson, on their new book ListenWe Need to TalkHow to Change Attitudes about LGBT Rights

April 13, 2:00pm

What Mass Incarceration Means for American Children: A conversation with Christopher Wildeman, Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University