How can you vote for that candidate?: Understanding America’s Voters

Farai Chideya
October 27, 2016

On October 27, 2016, The Policy Lab and The Poynter Fellowship in Journalism cosponsored a public conversation with guest political blogger Farai Chideya and Assistant Professor of Political Science and ISPS Faculty Fellow, Eitan Hersh. Farai Chideya shared her experiences interviewing voters from different demographic groups for her series featured on FiveThirtyEight. After the event, Chideya met with a small group of students for an intimate discussion about voting behavior and politics in the United States and around the world.

Farai Chideya is a reporter, political and cultural analyst, and educator. Over the years she has worked in print, television, radio, and digital media; covered every Presidential election since 1996; and traveled to 26 countries and 48 states to report, learn, and explore.

Eitan Hersh is Assistant Professor of Political Science.  He received his PhD from Harvard in 2011. His teaching and research focus on  elections in the United States. Hersh studies campaign strategy, voting  behavior, and election administration.