New Haven Education


In the last 20 years, New Haven has been at the vanguard of education reform, with the creation of an inter district magnet program, public preschool opportunities, the New Haven Promise college scholarships and a nationally heralded teacher evaluation system developed in collaboration with the district and the teacher’s union. Over that time, how have the trajectory and mobility of New Haven’s children changed as they move from prek to college? How do these pathways differ by neighborhood?
A team of faculty and students from the Policy Lab at Yale’s Institution for Social and Policy Studies hopes to design a mapping tool for visualizing the educational trajectories of New Haven’s children. Interactive maps will show where children from different neighborhoods attended preschool, elementary, middle, high school and college – and changes in these trajectories over the last two decades. The tool will be especially useful for identifying changing patterns in educational mobility across New Haven’s many diverse neighborhoods. We intend to make the mapping platform accessible to NHPS and other area partners for their use in data analysis and planning.