Student Working Groups

Infrastructure Policy in Connecticut

The goal of this student working group is to evaluate the potential effectiveness of policies to improve infrastructure in Connecticut. The research conducted by this working group consists of using quantitative data to assess the viability of different approaches to improving infrastructure in Connecticut, and conducting qualitative assessments of approaches to infrastructure development that have been undertaken in different states.

Segregation and Education

Unequal access to quality education is a long-standing challenge in the United States with deep historical roots, tied closely to geography and the segregation of cities and neighborhoods by income and race. This student working group will examine the extent to which legislative policy proposals in the United States Congress over the past 20 years have attempted to grapple with – or failed to address – the legacies of institutional racism in education.

Prison Education

Prison education is currently at the forefront of national conversations about criminal justice reform and access to higher education. Successful university partnerships in prison have proven their transformative value to students, educators, and institutions of higher learning by providing rigorous, high-quality educational opportunity to underserved students of great potential.